The Legion:Ghost

THE LEGION:GHOST stand for honest and uncompromising Modern Metal and intense, wild live shows. The debut album "...TWO FOR ETERNITY" was mixed by Caliban guitarist Marc Görtz, mastered by Olman Viper at Hertzwerk/nullzweistudio Hamburg (Caliban, Emil Bulls, Pyogenesis, KMPFSPRT a.o.) and is set for release on september 30th, 2016 via Noizgate Records / Rough Trade. A first snippet-teaser has been released already: “WE ARE THE LEGION!” …that’s the battlecry, the hot-shots of the modern metal scene have made their way with as the new force in the metal arena! THE LEGION:GHOST from the Aachen / Cologne region have only been around since the beginning of 2015, making name for themselves among the scene with their wild and explosive live shows alongside biggies such as Misery Index, Hatesphere or The Charm, The Fury. But it’s not only the daily growing crowd of committed fans, keeping faith with their legion, the quintet has been causing a stir with all over Germany. For THE LEGION:GHOST is an overall concept: The emergence of a sound, comparable to the force of an approaching army, of the stories told, the visuals and the inseparable unity of band and fans. A homogeneous whole and metal straight from the heart! The debut album “…TWO FOR ETERNITY” (Rel. 09/30/2016, NOIZGATE Records), THE LEGION:GHOST are presenting, is just as tremendous! The Rhinelanders are proving impressively, what it means to produce contemporary metal in the second decade of the 21st century is all about: Complex arrangements, mighty riffs, infernally groovy drums and bittersweet melodies meeting with insane blasts and staccato guitars in 13 tracks. The interplay of a stifling, melancholic atmosphere and a violent sound is also reflected by the vocals when front singer Kevin Kearns giving proof of his imposing vocal repertoire with lyrics covering topics from social criticism to deeply personal issues. Brutal, massive, hard, without compromise or mercy, but still heavy with intensity and honest emotion: Modern, tight metal at its best!

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